Table of Contents 目次 תוכןהענייניםטישפוןאינהאַלט

Table of Contents 目次 תוכןהענייניםטישפוןאינהאַלט


  1. Who is Jesus Christ? イエス・キリストは誰? (September 11, 2015)
  2. Women are not equal to men in authority. 女性は権威では男性と同等ではありません。 (September 12, 2015)
  3. Medical Science And Medical Drugs Are Babylonian Sumerian Thoth Satanic Witchcraft. 医学と医療薬はバビロン・シュメール・トートの悪魔の魔術である。 (September 13, 2015)
  4. Rock And Roll Music Is Satan Worship Service. ロックンロール音楽は悪魔崇拝の礼拝式です。 (September 13, 2015)
  5. Tattooing And Ear Piercing Are Pagan Satanist Customs. 刺青と耳のピアスの穴は異教徒悪魔崇拝者習慣です。 (September 13, 2015)
  6. Disney Is Occult Satanism. ディズニーは、オカルト悪魔崇拝です。 (September 13, 2015)
  7. Hollywood Movies Are The Illuminati’s Mind-Control. ハリーウッド映画は、イルミナティのマインドコントロールです。 (September 13, 2015)
  8. All Religions Are Branches Of The Mystery Babylon Religion Satanism And The Illuminati’s 6,000 Year Old Brotherhood Of The Snake. 全ての宗教は秘儀バビロン宗教悪魔崇拝とイルミナティの六千年古い蛇の結社の分岐です。 (September 13, 2015)
  9. Democracy Originates From Hellenistic Babylon Satanism. 民主主義は、ヘレニズム・バビロン悪魔崇拝から誕生しました。 (September 13, 2015)
  10. Patriotism And Nationalism and Ethnocentrism Are Sins. 愛国心と国家主義と民族主義は、罪です。 (September 13, 2015)
  11. Environmentalism Is Evil. 環境保護主義は悪です。 (September 13, 2015)
  12. Feminism Is The Satanists’ Agenda And Feminism Was Created By The Illuminati Nephilim. フェミニズムは悪魔崇拝者たちのもくろみで、フェミニズムは、イルミナティの堕天使子孫によって作られました。 (September 13, 2015)
  13. The Reptilian Hybrid Nephilim Descendants’ Bisexual And Homosexual Genetic Markers. 爬虫類混血堕天使子孫たちの両性愛と同性愛遺伝子マーカー。 (September 13, 2015)
  14. Biblical Prohibition Of People Wearing The Opposite Sex’s Clothes And Biblical Prohibition Of Women From Wearing Trousers. 異性の服を着る事を聖書は禁じており、女性がズボンを履く事を聖書は禁じております。 (September 13, 2015)
  15. God’s Command For Women To Wear Head Coverings And God’s Command For Men To Not Wear Head Coverings. 女性たちが頭に被り物をするよう神からの命令と男性たちが頭に被り物をしないよう神からの命令。 (September 13, 2015)
  16. Modern Christianity’s Doctrines And Judaism’s Doctrines Have Been Perverted By Babylonian Satanism And Babylonian Humanism. 現代キリスト教の教えとユダヤ教の教えは、バビロン悪魔崇拝とバビロン・ヒューマニズムによって変態化されたのです。 (September 13, 2015)
  17. The Fallen Angels And Nephilim Disguised As Aliens And UFOs Is Satan’s Great Deception That God Warned About. 宇宙人とユーフォーに偽装している堕天使たちと堕天使混血子孫たちが、神が我々に警告した悪魔サタンの大のまやかしです。 (September 13, 2015)
  18. Satan And The Fallen Angels’ Reptilian Hybrid Descendants’ Illuminati Thirteen Bloodline Families. 悪魔サタンと堕天使たちの爬虫類混血子孫たちであるイルミナティの十三の血統の家族。 (September 13, 2015)
  19. The Post-Tribulation Rapture Theory And Mid-Tribulation Rapture Theory And Pan-Tribulation Rapture Theory Are Deceptions By The Devil. 裁きの時代後に我々クリスチャンが天国に引き上げられるという理論と裁きの時代の中で天国に引き上げられるという理論といつでも天国に引き上げられてもいいではないかという理論は悪魔のまやかしです。 (September 13, 2015)
  20. Christmas And Easter And Halloween Are Ancient Babylonian Satanism Festivals And Those Who Celebrate Them Open Themselves Up To The Devil. クリスマスとイースターとハロウィーンは古代バビロン悪魔崇拝祭りであり、お祝いする人たちは悪魔へ自分たちを開けてしまうのです。 (September 13, 2015)
  21. The Large Number Of Lukewarm Religious Christians Will Not Be Raptured And Only The Small Number Of Church Age Saints (Bride Of Christ) Will Be Raptured. 多くの生ぬるい宗教的なクリスチャンたちは天国へ引き上げられず、少数の教会時代信者(キリストの嫁)だけが天国に引き上げられます。 (September 13, 2015)
  22. The 144,000 Hebrew Remnant 144,000人のヘブライの末裔 (September 13, 2015)
  23. Sex And Marriage and Masturbation セックスと結婚とオナニー (September 14, 2015)
  24. Spiritual Warfare and Gang-Stalking 霊的な戦いと集団ギャング・ストーキング (January 5, 2016)
  25. Checklist of Sins That The Tribulation Saints and Those Left Behind From The Rapture Have To Repent Of 試練時代の聖人たちとキリストの歓喜で取り残された者たちが悔い改めなければいけない罪のチェックリスト רשימת פעולות לביצוע של חטאים שקדושי התלאות ואלה שנותרו מאחור מההתלהבות צריכים לחזור בתשובה של (January 5, 2016)
  26. Christian Institutions and Christian Churches Are Babylonian Satanism キリスト教団体とクリスチャンの教会はバビロン悪魔崇拝である מוסדות נוצריים כנסיות נוצריות האם בבלי כת שטן (January 7, 2016)
  27. Evils of debt and legalistic contract culture 借金と立法主義な契約文化の悪 רעות חולות של חוב ותרבות חוזה משפטית (June 21, 2016)

Evil of debt and legalistic contract cultures

Dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant brethren,


Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ.


Do not get into debt. You do not need to loan money from Illuminati Satanist Templar Knight banking systems owned by Rothschild to feed their system. If God wants you to have a house or car or item, He will provide them to you, because He is the owner of the universe and heaven.


Do not get caught up in the legalistic contract culture, as in the case of the United States. Contracts with non-believers are necessary, but a culture that is obsessed with contracts and legal documents is an evil civilization. We are built on trust with each other. We need to discern through the Holy Spirit all these fake, religious Christians who come into the churches to deceive money from the church members, because they know that the religious Christians will trust them, if they tell them that they are Christians, too.


It is an evil society that is filled with masses of attorneys and certified public accountants who parasite off of the populace by complicating the documents and legal jargon, in order to make a lot of money for themselves. It is an evil society where couples exchange contracts when getting married. These wives are like prostitutes who contract for millions of dollars of alimony, in the case they get divorced, because for them, they intend to get divorced in order to make money from the lustful husband who will agree to anything so that they can get married. It is an animal instinct, base man who wants to just get married due to lust for such ungodly women who demand marriage contracts.


Discern things by the Holy Spirit, and do not imitate the church pastor Pharisees who live ungodly values of Satanism and their surrounding society.


Our Lord Jesus Christ’s blessings to you, brethren.


Christian Institutions and Christian Churches Are Babylonian Satanism キリスト教団体とクリスチャンの教会はバビロン悪魔崇拝である מוסדות נוצריים וכנסיות נוצריות האם בבלי כת השטן

Dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant brethren,

Greetings from our Almighty God YHWH and His Jesus Christ our Savior.

All institutions are owned by the Illuminati Satanists. Anytime they form a Christian church or institution, it is an institutionalization of Christianity. All the large churches are started and owned by the Illuminati, and the pastors are Satanists and their wives are witches. The Illuminati witches control all the Illuminati men.

If you teach the Torah Truth who is Christ, they will kick you out of the their churches, because they cannot tolerate the truth. It is because those who are not controlled by God are under Satan’s hive mind matrix. If you do not conform to Satan, then they will kick you out of their society and churches. It has always been the same story with the ancient prophets of God and people of God, and they were never accepted by society and the church institutions.

The churches and Christianity religion was made by Satan to replace true Christ and true teachings of Jesus and YHWH God. It is a trap to bring in the multitudes and deceive them into thinking that they are God’s. This is why they will not teach the Word of God, and they only teach religion and surface biblical teachings. It is their way of keeping people away from God, and keeping people in their prison matrix of the hive mind. The nephilim aliens control all their minds on their computers. The satanic witches in the churches have spiritual control over them.

Church is one phase in the real Christians’ lives to come into contact with Christianity, and then, when they mature in Christ, they are thrown out of the churches by the fake religious Christian crowds. Then, God goes along to use the real born-again Christians with the Holy Spirit, outside of the churches, and that is another phase in the real Christians’ development and life and faith. The churches are only a stepping stone in God’s people’s lives. The only people who are still in church are the spiritually dead zombie people, who are mind-controlled by the nephilim aliens. They will not be raptured by God, and they will be left behind on this earth to become the Tribulation Saints to have their heads cut off by the Anti-Christ. Many of them will also turn way from Christianity, accept Satan’s alien deceptive theory when the nephilim aliens appear, and turn their backs on Christianity.

What reveals whether that person is a real born-again spiritual Christian who have the Holy Spirit or that person is a fake dead fleshly religious Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit is whether they accept the Torah Truth Word of God who is Christ, or if they reject the Torah Truth Word of God who is Christ. The Torah Truth always reveals that person’s true heart and identity. The Torah Truth always reveals whether that person loves God or hates God. If they hate his Torah Truth teachings, then they hate God. Those who are of God love His Torah Truth for it is life and it is God’s Word who is Christ. One cannot claim to love Jesus, and hate His Torah Truth. One cannot claim to be an apostle and prophet of God, when they are a Pharisee religious leader for Satan who hates God. All those who follow these pastors of these Christianity churches will be led into the Tribulation and left behind from the rapture, and martyred by the devil, for they do not have the Holy Spirit. The blind lead the blind, and the blind follow the blind. They are all blind, and they follow after the pride and lust of their own evil hearts. They have rejected us and tried to traumatize us, but we love them. But now, they must repent and give up Jezebel.

The church was never meant to be a church building. A church is not a Sunday sermon. It should not be programs and events. It certainly is not donut coffee fellowships. It was never meant to be a Sunday service musical concert and party singing. The people of God meet in parks and homes and libraries and schools and warehouses and streets and forests and beaches and cars. They do not have programs and events and concerts. They do not have these evangelical military recruitment sessions and members gathering systems to get more money givers. They just go wherever God leads them, and God leads them to His people who they need to share Christ with. It has nothing to do with gaining huge numbers and large church memberships. Something is wrong if the masses are coming to that church, because it means that they are teaching women’s equality and rock music and tattooing / ear-piercing and women wearing trousers and medical science and medical insurance and nationalism and every doctrine of Satanism.

The church was never meant to have pastors, pastors’ salaries, pastors’ large offices, pastoral homes, pastoral church cars, and pastoral seminary degrees certified by the Illuminati religious schools of Satanism theology. Wherever there are institutions, you will find Satanism, because Satan wants to institutionalize everything in order to control them. When you create an organization, Satan also can infiltrate it. Institutions and churches are a trap of Satan, and a fake deception of religious security and assurance. It is very dangerous. The real Christians of God know this through His Holy Spirit, so they do not go near these churches and Christian institutions, for they are the abode of Satan and his fallen angels. The true temple of God is in our hearts, since Christ lives within each of us through His Holy Spirit.

Pastors and teachers and leaders were meant to be volunteers, and not salaried workers with medical insurance benefits and comfortable desks and retirement pensions and huge salaries and church cars/homes and Illuminati seminary degrees and fancy titles and credentials and church experience and counseling certificates and gorgeous ministers’ robes. This is ridiculous and nauseating. Pastors were meant to be butlers and shepherds of the church to serve the people. The teachers were meant to teach the people. Satan has combined all roles in the church into one person and made the members blind followers, in order to control the churches with his seminary graduate ministers who are actually Illuminati Satanists and maintain his false Christianity teachings and provide a fake trap for anyone who might come to Christ. This is why a lot of the pastors’ wives are Satanist witches. This is shortsightedness on his behalf, because God will not be stopped, and God will always have His faithful remnant—the true Church Saints and Bride of Christ. The gates of hell cannot overcome the Church Saints, and the Bride of Christ cannot be harmed, and they cannot be stopped because they have the Holy Spirit of Christ.

This is why the churches and religious Christians always hate the real Christians and God’s people, and they always try to kill them and gang-stalk them and persecute them. It is because these religious Christians are demon-possessed and do the work of Satan. When they try to kill real Christians, they think they are doing a service to God. Once money comes into the church, and buildings are erected, and pastors’ jobs are created, then that no longer becomes a church. It becomes a human establishment that is open to Satan’s control and sin and evil and religion.

In these End Times, a true apostle and prophet of God would never be allowed to teach in a church or step foot in a church. It is the abode of the enemy, with his religious people. Christianity is just like all of Satan’s other Babylon religion of Catholicism and Islam and Judaism and Buddhism and Hinduism and Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witness and Shinto and Taoism and Confucianism and all other religions. Religion is the enemy of God. Religion is created by Satan.

As God prophesied in the Bible that in the modern End Times, it will be just like in Noah’s days when God exterminated the nephilim populations on the world with His Great Flood, and society will once more be a mixture between the Adam’s human soul people seed who have double helix DNA souls and the Serpent’s demon spirit people seed who have triple helix DNA spirits. When a person rejects Jesus Christ, the person has made a choice to hate God, so the person has sold their soul to the devil. The fallen angels’ alien nephilim and the Illuminati governments can abduct them in their UFOs and scalp their souls, and use their bodies to house their dead ancient nephilim spirits.

Soul-scalping is an ancient Illuminati Satanist Atlantis civilization alien technology of the fallen angels to cut out the soul of a human with electromagnetic energy, then replacing it with one of their reptilian hybrid disembodied nephilim demon spirits. So, the demon spirit now walks around in that person’s former stolen body. The human soul that is scalped is sold in a jar or something in some black market somewhere in the galaxy, in one of the alien species’ planets or cities.

This is why there are so many people walking around in our streets, offices, schools, restaurants, and stores that have no soul, but they are the demon spirits of the dead. It is their Freemason Masonic ancient Egyptian pharaohs’ satanic resurrection technology and fake eternal life of the Brotherhood of the Snake ancient Sumerian Satanism religion. They gang-stalk the real Christians with NSA CIA MI6 directed energy weapons and poison them and carry out the Illuminati witches’ orders. They are our presidents, government leaders, military leaders, school educators, media people, church pastors, mobster gangster leaders, and business billionaires.

If we try to teach about this Torah Truth who is Christ and God’s Word, the church pastors and church members will immediately accuse us of being heretics, throw us out of their Illuminati owned Satanist Christian churches, and send their gang-stalkers after us to try to kill us. It is because all the people of the world and religious Christians have sold their souls to the devil by following after the world, and they have become part of the devil’s nephilim alien technology hive-mind collective matrix of mindless zombie people. These Christian church religious people are our enemies, so they ridicule us, hate us, ostracize us, scorn our teachings, tell us to go to their Babylonian medical science psychiatrists, and even try to gang-stalk and assassinate us, just like they did to our Lord Jesus Christ.

They love their Satan, and his Satanism teachings of women’s equality, ear-piercing, tattooing, rock and roll music, pastor salaries, church institutions of religion, academic degrees, gluttonous obesity, retirement pensions, health insurance, hunting for mates, breeding of genetic descendants who will soon be killed by their god Anti-Christ, refusal to wear women’s head coverings, desire to wear men’s trousers and slacks, church programs, pagan Christmas and Easter and Halloween celebrations, patriotism and nationalism and ethnocentric church congregations, Hellenistic Babylonian democracy, running after faith healer magicians, medical prescription drug witchcraft, selling of Christian books and CDs, religious feeding the poor programs and other religious philanthropic deceptions, political activism and conservatism, communist socialist beliefs, environmentalism and Gaia goddess worship, picking up children in school, full-time jobs making lots of money, family worship and ancestral tombstone worship and genetic animalistic instinct worship, partying and drinking, huge pastors’ homes and church cars and ministers’ offices, church buildings and church evangelism missions recruitments, and all other preposterous, ridiculous endeavors.

They despise our Torah Truth teachings and our Lord Jesus Christ, so they despise us who are Christ’s ambassadors and children and the Church Saints and the Bride of Christ. They will have nothing to do with us. Stay away from the churches and these religious Christians, since they are an evil people, and they lie in snare for the innocent, and they will hand over God’s people to their pharaoh gene Indonesian Muslim Anti-Christ or Illuminati New World Order Beast to be exterminated. They have perverted God’s precepts with their Babylonian Satanism, and have thrown out all of God’s Word.

In the End Times Tribulation Age, the churches and religious Christians will once more persecute and martyr the believers in Christ. You the 144,000 Hebrew Remnant will be protected. You must lead the Tribulation Saints back to the real Torah Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ, and put them back on the true path of our Lord. And, He will be with you forevermore. God’s holy anointing be upon you, and be empowered by His Holy Spirit. An angel of God will go to and fro to proclaim the Word of God. Two witnesses shall appear to declare his Word. We will see you in heaven, beloved by God. Our Lord’s power, His love and His wisdom be with you.

Checklist of Sins That The Tribulation Saints and Those Left Behind From The Rapture Have To Repent Of 試練時代の聖人たちとキリストの歓喜で取り残された者たちが悔い改めなければいけない罪のチェックリスト רשימת פעולות לביצוע של חטאים שקדושי התלאות ואלה שנותרו מאחור מההתלהבות צריכים לחזור בתשובה של

Checklist of Sins That The Tribulation Saints and Those Left Behind From The Rapture Have To Repent Of
רשימת פעולות לביצוע של חטאים שקדושי התלאות ואלה שנותרו מאחור מההתלהבות צריכים לחזור בתשובה של
Контрольный список грехов, которые Скорби Святые и тех, кто остался позади от восторга должны покаяться
Lista de verificación de los pecados que los santos de la tribulación y los que se quedan en el rapto tiene que arrepentirse de
قائمة من الخطايا التي القديسين المحنة وتلك التي خلفتها نشوة الطرب عليك التوبة من
क्लेश संतों और उत्साह से पीछे छोड़ दिया है उन का पश्चाताप करने के लिए है कि पापों की चेकलिस्ट
Daftar dosa bahwa Saints Kesengsaraan dan mereka yang tertinggal dari pengangkatan harus bertobat dari
Lista de verificação dos pecados que os Santos da Tribulação e aqueles deixados para trás do arrebatamento tem que se arrepender de
Checkliste der Sünden, die die Trübsal Heiligen und diejenigen, die hinter der Entrückung hast zu bereuen
Liste des péchés que les Saints Tribulation et ceux qui restent à partir de l’enlèvement ont à se repentir de
Lista di controllo dei peccati che i santi tribolazione e quelli lasciati alle spalle dal rapimento devono pentirsi di
Checklist ng mga kasalanan na ang masaklap na karanasan mga Santo at mga naiwan mula sa pagdagit kung pagsisihan
Kontrolelys van sondes dat die verdrukking Saints en diegene wat agterbly van die wegraping moet bekeer van
Orodha ya dhambi ambazo dhiki Watakatifu na wale walioachwa kutoka kunyakuliwa na kutubu
Uhlu izono ukuthi Nosizi Saints nalabo uyasala kusukela ayobe kufanele baphenduke
Danh sách kiểm tra của tội lỗi mà các Thánh Tribulation và những người ở lại từ sự sung sướng phải ăn năn
Lista kontrolna grzechów, że święci ucisku i tych pozostawionych z zachwytu musiał żałować
Checklista över synder som de Tribulation heliga och dem som stannar hemma från uppryckandet måste ångra
Sjekkliste for synd at Tribulation Saints og de etterlatte fra rusen må omvende seg fra
Tarkistuslista syntien että ahdistuksen pyhät ja jääneiden päässä tempaus on parannusta
Tjekliste for synder, at de Tribulation hellige og de efterladte fra henrykkelse nødt til at omvende sig fra
Checklist van zonden die de Verdrukking heiligen en de achterblijvers van de opname te bekeren van
Sıkıntı Azizler ve coşku gelen geride olanların tövbe etmek zorunda günahların Kontrol Listesi
چک لیست از گناهان است که پرستاران رنج و کسانی که در پشت از جذبه ترک کرده اند به توبه از
환란 성도들과 휴거에서 남겨진 사람들은 회개해야 할 죄의 체크리스트
Зовлон Үеийн Гэгээнтнүүд болон өргөгдөлтийн нь ард үлдсэн хүмүүст наманчлах ёстой нүглийн хяналтын хуудас
Контрольний список гріхів, які Скорботи Святі і тих, хто залишився позаду від захвату повинні покаятися
Кантрольны спіс грахоў, якія Смутку Святыя і тых, хто застаўся ззаду ад захаплення павінны пакаяцца
Kontrolní seznam hříchů, že soužení svatí a ty, které zbyly po vytržení muset litovat
Ellenőrző lista a bűnök, hogy a nyomorúság szentek és a lemaradók a Rapture van, hogy megbánjuk
טשעקליסט פון זינד אַז די טריביאַליישאַן הייליקע און די לינקס הינטער פון די היספּייַלעס האָבן צו תשובה טאן פון
Kontrolný zoznam hriechov, že súženie svätí a tie, ktoré zostali po vytrhnutí musieť ľutovať
Kontrolni seznam grehov, ki stiske Svetniki in tiste, pustil iz zamaknjenosti morali pokesati
Kontrolsaraksts grēkiem, ka Tribulation svētie un tiem, kas palikuši no ekstāze ir nožēlot
Kontrolinis sąrašas nuodėmių, kad sielvartas šventieji ir tuos, kurie liko už iš Rapture turi atgailauti
Meelespea pattude et Viletsus Saints ja need maha jäänud ülesvõtmine on kahetsema
مصیبت اولیاء اور ہرنویش سے پیچھے چھوڑ دیا ان سے توبہ کے لئے ہے کہ گناہوں کی فہرست
Lista de verificare de păcate că sfinții Necaz și cele lăsate în urmă de la răpirea trebuie să se pocăiască de
Контролен списък на греховете, че светиите скръб и тези, останали от грабването трябва да се покаят за
Подсетник греха да Невоље Свеци и оних који су остали иза од усхићења треба да се покају од
Listë e plotë e mëkateve që shenjtorët Mundim dhe ata të lënë prapa nga rrëmbimit në qiell duhet të pendohemi për
Checklist մեղքերի, որ դժբախտություն եւ Սրբերի, ովքեր թողել են հիացմունք պետք է ապաշխարեն Հյուրատետր
Tribulation Saints və vəcd geridə o tövbə etmək, günahların siyahısı
Kontrolni popis grijeha koje nevolje sveci i oni ostavljeni od ushićenja moraju pokajati za
ჩამონათვალი ცოდვები, რომ Tribulation Saints და იმ დარჩა სიხარული უნდა მოვინანიოთ
Musibat Saints va shavq ortda qoldirgan kishilarning tavba qilish kerak, gunohlari nazorat ro’yxati
Аза Saints және экстази бастап артта қалдырды сол өкініп бар екенін күнәлары Тексеру тізіміАза Saints және экстази бастап артта қалдырды сол өкініп бар екенін күнәлары Тексеру тізімі
Рӯйхати гуноҳҳои, ки муқаддасон хунрезӣ ва онон, ки аз паси ибодаткунандагонаш чап ба тавба
Senarai Semak dosa yang Saints Tribulation dan mereka yang ketinggalan dari Pengangkatan itu perlu bertaubat daripada
দুর্দশা সন্তদের এবং পরমানন্দ থেকে বামে পিছনে যারা তওবা করার আছে পাপের চেকলিস্ট
ਬਿਪਤਾ ਪਵਿੱਤਰ ਅਤੇ ਅਨੰਦ ਤੱਕ ਪਿੱਛੇ ਛੱਡ ਦਿੱਤਾ ਜਿਹੜੇ ਦੇ ਤੋਬਾ ਕਰਨ ਦੀ ਹੈ, ਜੋ ਕਿ ਪਾਪ ਦੀ ਚੈੱਕਲਿਸਟ
Daptar pariksa dosa nu para wali Tribulation jeung maranéhanana tinggaleun ti suka bungah nu miboga tingkat ka tobat tina
Llista de verificació dels pecats que els sants de la tribulació i els que es queden en el rapte ha de penedir-se de
Λίστα ελέγχου για τις αμαρτίες που οι Άγιοι Θλίψη και αυτούς που μένουν πίσω από την αρπαγή πρέπει να μετανοήσουν του
Kontrolna lista od grijeha koji nevolje Sveci i onih koji su ostavljeni od uznesenje moraju pokajati od
Liiska uu dembiyadii hore Southampton iyo dhibaato iyo kuwa ka dambeeya bidix rayrayn ah u leeyihiin in ay ka toobad
Genus autem tribulatio sanctorum praecedentium delictorum poeniteat et non reliquit ex raptu
Priksa dosa sing-Wong Mursid Mangsa Kasangsaran lan sing kiwa konco saka pengangkatan kudu mratobat saka
உபத்திரவம் புனிதர்கள் மற்றும் பேரானந்தம் இருந்து விட்டு அந்த வருந்த வேண்டும் என்று பாவங்களை சரிபார்த்தல் பட்டியல்
यो संकष्टमा संन्यासी र हर्ष देखि छोडेर ती को पश्चात्ताप छ कि पापको सूचीबारे
Lis pou Tcheke pou pou peche ki Sen yo tribilasyon ak tout moun kite dèyè soti nan chache fidèl la gen repanti pou
Bekatuak checklist tribulation Saints eta horiek atzean utzi rapture hasita behar duten damuturik
Rārangi Arowhai o hara e te Feia Mo’a pawera me te hunga i mahue i muri i te mataora i ki tatarahapa o
Список на гревови што Светиите болка и на тие што остануваат од занесот треба да се покае за
यातना संत आणि आनंदी मागे बाकी त्या पश्चात्ताप आहे की पापांची चेकलिस्ट
Lisitra ny fahotana izay ny fahoriana Olomasina sy ireo tavela avy ny fampakarana tsy maintsy mibebaka amin ‘
Lista ta ‘kontroll tad-dnubiet li l-Qaddisin tribulation u dawk li baqgħu lura mill-Rapture għandek jindem ta
Daim txheeb ntawm tej kev txhaum uas tus Tribulation Tsoom Haiv Neeg Ntseeg thiab cov neeg poob qab los ntawm lub kev zoo nyob tau hloov siab lees txim ntawm
ຊີສໍາລັບກວດຂອງບາບທີ່ໄພ່ພົນຂອງພຣະເຈັບແລະຜູ້ທີ່ປະໄວ້ທາງຫລັງຈາກ Rapture ໄດ້ມີການກັບໃຈຈາກ
Gátlisti synda að þrenging heilögu og hinir sem eftir sitja frá Rapture að iðrast
Seicliosta na bpeacaí go bhfuil na Naomh Tribulation agus iad siúd fágadh as an rapture a repent de
Checklist nke mmehie na Mkpagbu Saints na ndị hapụrụ si owuwe nwere ichegharị
Rhestr wirio o bechodau sydd â’r Saint gorthrymder a’r rhai a adawyd ar ôl gan y Rapture i edifarhau am
Kontrollisto de la pekoj, la aflikto Sanktuloj kaj tiuj postlasitaj de la ravo devas penti
Lista de verificación dos pecados que os Santos da Tribulação e os deixados atrás do arrebatamento ten que se arrepentir de
ಕ್ಲೇಶವನ್ನು ಸೇಂಟ್ಸ್ ಮತ್ತು ರ್ಯಾಪ್ಚರ್ ಬಿಟ್ಟುಹೋಗಿದ್ದ ಆ ಪಶ್ಚಾತ್ತಾಪ ಮಾಡಬೇಕು ಎಂದು ಪಾಪಗಳ ಪರಿಶೀಲನಾಪಟ್ಟಿ
ભારે દુ: ખ સંતો અને અત્યાનંદ થી પાછળ છોડી તે પસ્તાવો કરવા માટે છે કે પાપો ચેકલિસ્ટ
පීඩා කාලය සෘෂිවරු සහ ඔසවා ගැනීම වීමෙන් පසු ඉතිරි අය පසුතැවිලි විය යුතු බව ද පව් පිරික්සුම් ලැයිස්තුව
Listahan sa mga sala nga ang mga Santos sa Kagul-anan ug sa mga gibiyaan gikan sa tugob nga kalipay sa paghinulsol sa
Lethathamo la hao la ea libe hore Matšoenyehong a Bahalaleli ‘me ba siea ho tswa ho rapture na le ho baka
Mndandanda wa machimo Oyeramtima a Kuchisautso ndipo iwo anasiya ku mkwatulo ndi kulapa
ప్రతిక్రియ సెయింట్స్ మరియు రప్చర్ నుండి మిగిల్చిన ఆ యొక్క పశ్చాత్తాపాన్ని కలిగి పాప చెక్లిస్ట్
Tanadin zunubai cewa kunci Saints, da waɗanda aka bari a baya daga ranar fyaucewa da ya tuba daga
ഉപദ്രവകാലം വിശുദ്ധന്മാരുടേയും ഹര്ഷോന്മാദം നിന്നും പിന്നിൽ left ആ മാനസാന്തരപ്പെടാൻ ഉണ്ടു എന്നു പാപങ്ങളുടെ ചെക്ക്ലിസ്റ്റ്
Akosile ti ese ti o mbo awọn eniyan mimo ati awon osi sile lati awọn Igbasoke ni lati ronupiwada ti


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

Almighty God YHWH who created all heaven and earth came to this earth in the form of a man called Jesus Christ to die on the cross in payment for our sins and evil, so that whoever believes in Him will not be sent to hell to pay for our sins and evil. Moreover, by His blood shed upon the cross for us (the innocent dying in the place of the guilty), Jesus provided us a way of salvation for our souls after our death, through faith in Him and His love and His grace and His salvation work on the cross, to receive forgiveness for our sins and evil hearts, and to receive eternal life in heaven with God, so that we do not have to go to eternal hell. This is the wonderful news from God to all humans. Praise be to our God and Savior, Jesus Christ!


1. Idolatry, murder, false-witness, hatred, rage, bitterness, pride, lust, greed, selfishness, laziness, gluttony, witchcraft, fornication, adultery, stealing, lying, racism, sexism, prejudice, discrimination, gossiping, unclean speech, profanity, and every evil thought.
2. A Jezebel spirit-possession and Satanist doctrine of feminism.
3. Women’s equality and women’s liberation movement.
4. Women seeking career jobs, instead of caring for the home.
5. Women’s refusal to wear head-coverings during worship.
6. Women’s insistence in wearing trousers and men’s clothes.
7. Men wearing head coverings during worship.
8. Men looking for sexual partners and adulteresses in church.
9. Women hunting for marriage reproductive partners in church.
10. Obsession with courting and genetic descendant breeding, instead of serving God full-time.
11. Puritan reptilian mind religious abstinence from sex and prohibition of masturbation.
12. Illuminati paedophile rape and sodomy and satanic child live sacrifice witch rituals in church.
13. Women teaching men in church.
14. Lack of men’s love for women.
15. Women’s lack of submission to men.
16. Women divorcing men and marrying other men (adultery) and vice-versa.
17. Ministers becoming ministers in order to insure feeling of salvation.
18. Institutionalizing church so that the Illuminati can own it and the Satanists can monitor it.
19. Making the minister’s position into a job. Mnisters receiving huge pays, huge homes, huge offices, church cars, retirement pensions, health insurance.
20. Minister’s going to the Illuminati seminaries where Satanist Christianity is taught.
21. Pursuit of Illuminati reptilian type degrees and certifications, or asking for certifications in order to serve God.
22. Making God’s Torah Truth who is Christ into a theology and academic practice of Satanist Hellenistic academic system.
23. Creating things such as Christian counseling and Hellenizing God’s Torah Truth.
24. Obsession with credentials and recommendations and academic degrees and church experience just like a secular heathen job screening, instead of focusing on that person’s teaching of the Torah Truth and annointing by God.
25. Love for Illuminati Satanist humanist Christianity, instead of the true Torah Truth.
26. Cutting out and ignoring of sections of Bible verses, addition of non-biblical teachings, editing of the Word of God.
27. Reinterpreting of God’s Word and Bible into the philosophies of Western humanism that originates with Babylonian Satanism.
28. Making church into a social club with programs and rituals and schedules and events.
29. Making preaching into an Illuminati type entertainment with music and stand-up comedy sermons.
30. Creating Illuminati Christian rock stars for Satan worship Christian concerts.
31. Christian bands performing in front of everyone instead in the back, and becoming the limelight of attention instead of God.
32. People drunk with Illuminati church music and emotions, instead of focus on God.
33. Teaching Illuminati post-1960s “Flower Children” generation hippy love and peace Sananda Jesus idolatry and fake emotional love and hugs, instead of true love for Christ through receving gang-stalking by thousands of people and CIA aerial drones and F-15 fighter jets and dozens of CIA black-tinted-window trucks, EMP electromagnetic weapons attacks to the hearts and genitals and brains and organs, poisoning of refrigerator and supermarket food with strong acid and toxins, burning down of homes, all families murdered, kept awake every night without a minute of sleep, and so forth, which is what true love for Christ is and what real Christians should be experiencing if they truly belong to God instead of the world, and not the fake, delusional, mind-controlled, psychotronic nephilim alien technology brain wave hive-mind, and routine pagan lifestyles of religious Christians, such as waking up, going to work, raising children, going to school, going to church, and other fake, heathen lifestyles that Illuminati Satanism Christianity has given them and corrupted them with.
34. Worshipping the practices of Satanism with Sunday worship, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Roman calendar systems, and other Roman Babylonian idolatrous practices, instead of honoring God’s Feast Days and God’s Hebrew calendar.
35. Forcing people to abstain from certain foods or to observe certain days and making them into practicing the law.
36. Conducting Babylonian fortune-telling, ouija boards, tarot cards, dowsing, seances, psychic spiritualism, divinations and other witchcraft.
37. Worship the goddess Gaea through environmentalism and global-warming and saving plastic bags and saving whales and other meaningless practices and obsessions.
38. Drinking alcohol excessively, smoking, tattooing, ear-piercing, and desecrating God’s temple which is the body.
39. Being tranced by demonic possession through Christian rock music.
40. Going to medical institutions such as hospitals and doctors to receive medical diagnosis and treatments and surgeries, which is Babylonian witchcraft. Taking medical drugs, which is Babylonian witchcraft.
41. Going to Illuminati sponsored healing ministries and flocking to speakers who claim to have great healing powers from God, instead of seeking God for healing.
42. Going to Illuminati sponsored deliverance ministries that make money, instead of taking the authority of God to drive out demons personally.
43. Turning the church into a business Corporate Christianity by selling Christian books for money and making profit for self, and selling God’s Word. Selling CDs and videos.
44. Turning the church and temple of God into a money-making enterprise by scaring the listeners with End Times destruction and genocide and plagues and world wars, and making money from event tickets and books and tapes and CDs and gold sales and emergency food sales through teaching Post-Tribulation Rapture theories and Mid-Tribulation Rapture theories and Pan-Tribulation Rapture theories of Satan.
45. Forbidding the teaching of End Times biblical prophesy and not warning the church of Christ’s imminent return and not waking up the sleeping church, due to fear of being gang-stalked by the Illuminati governments and Satanists.
46. Refusing to help real Christians and kicking them out, due to fear of reprisal from the Illuminati governments and Satanists, and therefore, calling the real Christians crazy and ordering them to go to Babylonian witchdoctor psychiatrists in hospitals.
47. Kicking God’s people and apostles and prophets out of the churches for teaching the Torah Truth who is Christ, and embracing the Illuminati Satanist pastors’ teachings of Western Christianity Babylonian religion.
48. Worshipping the personal pride of nationalism, troop support, and patriotism.
49. Worship of Satanist beliefs of democracy, communism, socialism, and other political doctrines, instead of theocracy in God.
50. Worship of Illuminati Satanist pastors’ family-oriented, family-first, gang mentality, and obsession with genetic ties, instead of focus on God’s eternal spiritual family.
51. Worship of racism, ethnocentrism, family and ancestral worship, feudalistic thinking of Satanist reptilians, Korean “han” hatred and violence psychology, nationalistic thinking, groupism, discrimination, prejudice, race superiority, segregation.
52. Breaking up into ethnic groups in the churches and having separate sermons, bible studies, fellowship and programs, instead of all ethnic groups coming together as one family of God. Separating into black churches, Korean churches, Filipino churches, African churches, Japanese churches, Chinese churches, and so forth.
53. Joining reptilian Satanist Babylonian religion secret societies, such as freemasons, Knights of Malta, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness, Unification Church, cults, occults, Wicca witchcraft, Bilderbergs, Bohemian Grove, Rosicrucians, Esoterics, Theosophists, Templar Knights, Catholicism, Jesuits.
54. Dabbling with idolatries, such as Eastern Mysticism, spiritualism, Buddhism, Islam, Catholicism, Shintoism, animism, American Indian paganism, Nazi German norse paganism, Celtic Druidism, Hinduism, African voodoo, Taosim, Confucianism, ancestral worship, ufology and nephilim alien worship, New Age, Illuminati Satanist Walt Disney occultism, Harry Potter children’s occult, nephilim superhero comics, horror video games, Halloween costume parties, and everything else that allows for demon-possession and satanic control.
55. Pursuing the evils of medical insurance, retirement pensions, and other faithless acts, instead of faith in God.
56. Participation in Illuminati “divide and conquer” tactics political obsessions, such as conservatism, anti-homosexual activities, and so forth, to divert attention away from the things of God.
57. Homosexual acts and practices.
58. Wives commanding husbands and walking in front of their husbands, and children dictating to parents, and pets becoming the bosses in the home.
59. Practicing gluttony, and exhibiting obesity in front of non-believers.
60. Ridiculing God’s apostles and prophets’ warnings about Satan’s great deception of UFOs and nephilim alien beings and his genetically engineered extraterrestrial life.
61. Ridiculing God’s apostles and prophets’ warnings about Satan’s Illuminati and Anti-Christ and New World Order and secret society Satanism and Vatican pope false prophet.
62. Vain pursuits of making money, hording riches, looking for rich husbands, building huge homes, living a wealthy life, worshipping jobs and careers, sending children to good colleges, having lot of genetic descendants who will be all killed in the coming Great Tribulation Age, and basically being earth-dwellers with minds set upon the things of this earth.
63. Insistence in living religious lives of poverty and meagerness, and becoming hermit monks in monasteries to pursue vain religion.
64. Disriminating, scorning, ridiculing, mocking, detesting God’s apostles and prophets for teaching the above Torah Truth who is Christ, and not heeding God’s warnings, and not returning Christ who is the Word of God and the full Bible back to the people.

If you repent of these things, and love God to the point of death, and not receive the Anti-Christ’s “Mark of the Beast 666” cash card microchip implant on your arm or forehead that changes your DNA from being a homo-sapiens human soul into a homo-capensis soulless nephilim, and keep all of God’s precepts and Torah Truth Word of God who is Christ, then you and your soul shall be saved.


1. Love for God and love for others.
2. Faith in God.
3. Joy in Christ.
4. Hope in Jesus.
5. Peace in YHWH God.
6. Compassion to others.
7. Gentleness to others.
8. Giving spirit.
9. Forgiveness for others.
10. Mercy unto others.
11. Self-Control.
12. Prayer and talking with God.
13. Studying and meditating upon God’s Word and Bible.
14. Helping others.
15. Exemplifying godliness in our lives and manifesting Christ and living holy lives.
16. Sharing the Word of God to other and preaching the gospel of Christ to His people.

Spiritual Warfare and Gang-Stalking 霊的な戦いと集団ギャング・ストーキング

Dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Gang-stalking is a natural way of life for a child of God and a true servant of Jesus. The world is currently run by the reptilian Nephilim descendants of Satan and his fallen angels, and all the Christian churches belong to them. This is why the churches try to kill you and drive you out. History has always been the church trying to eradicate God’s people. Every institution belongs to the enemy. If you look at every person in the Bible, whether it be Moses or Elijah or King David or Jesus, they were gang-stalked.

The Babylonian Kabbalah black magic religion is run by witches for the Illuminati is a matriarchal system, just as the Satanism in Atlantis during Noah’s times. And just as in Noah’s times, they use the nephilim’s alien technologies to attack God’s people with energy weapons, such as EMP electromagnetic weapons, ELF electronic low frequency weapons which pass through faraday cages, scalar weapons, brain wave mind-control weapons and sound frequency weapons. All these Atlantis Nephilim, whether it be the reptilians or insectoids or humanoids or other species escaped to other planets and also to underground undersea cities such as Agartha, which they built to escape the Great Flood sent by God during Noah’s times to destroy all the Nephilim. To God, the Atlantis and Lemuria and Rama and Mu and other civilizations of Satan’s Nephilim and the extermination of the human race, their zombie viruses, their transgenic transhumanism mixing of human genes with that of fallen angels and animals and plants and creation of monsters and giants, their building of the Tower of Babel star gate wormhole portals to heaven, their utter destruction and terror and nuclear wars on the earth, manufacturing of dinosaurs and viruses and bacteria biological weapons and ungodly insects, and perversion of God’s creation has not started in modern times, but they originated in Noah’s times.

These reptilian hybrid witches use their Nephilim psychic powers or psionic powers or witchcraft to attack God’s people. They use the NSA CIA MI6 satellites to send those psychic witchcraft at people to attack certain chakras, in order to create heart attacks and other illness. They send their alien mind-controlled henchmen and demon-possessed servants to come into people’s homes to poison the food and drinks. They come into the house to take hair and belongings and leave witchcraft items behind, in order to cast spells. They use their demon-possessed people to poison people’s foods in the restaurants, crash their bicycles into people, yell at people on the streets, bump into people, make ungodly remarks to customers, stick their fingers into people’s rectum in the hospitals, drill large numbers of the healthy teeth in the dental office to fill them all with toxic mercury amalgam, bully and ostracize people in school, mock and ridicule in church, kick out of every church, and glare and sneer at you wherever people go, because they are demon-possessed and they are part of the hive mind matrix that is controlled by the Nephilim alien’s from their spacecraft and bases.

Before you were born, God knew you. We are genetically different from the people around us, so those people who belong to Satan never accept us, but hate us. Since the time you are born, you are in a spiritual war, because we do not belong to this earth. We belong to a different dimension, although our dimension currently intersects with their dimension. Those who are not controlled by God are controlled by their nephlim alien matrix and technology like puppets.

This is why whatever nation you go to, or whatever city you go to, all these thousands of thousands and thousands of Koreans and Satanists and feminists and witches and Nazis and freemason Satanists and street gang members and NSA CIA MI6 assassin squads and homeless follow after you to shoot you with their EMP electromagnetic weapons disguised as mobile phones. Whether you are in your home or office or school or street or park or forest, they shoot at you. They also use satellites to attack you.

They will follow you around with their CIA predator unmanned drone aircraft, F-18 fighter jets, and dozens of black-tinted-window white vans with their infrared cameras that see through buildings and vast remote forests and walls. Whatever hotel room or isolated park or deserted beach or residential area you go to, they will have dozens of their people following after you to shoot at you with electronic weapons.

They will move into your adjoining rooms, take off the safety door to their microwave ovens, and shoot at you all day, in order to try to make you grow weak so that you cannot raise your hands, and try to make you get leukemia, and so that feel stinging on your skin, and so that your mouth and body goes dry, and thereby, they try to cook you alive. However, God will not allow any harm to come upon you and no weapon fashioned against us will prevail, as the Bible says.

They will poison anything you order through the internet online stores with strong acid in order to try to melt your body. They will poison the food and water in your refrigerators.

They will dump sewage water into your tap water, in order to create fungal and bacterial infections in your mouth and genitals. They will use flesh-eating bacteria and all kinds of microorganisms, in order to try to give you constant diarrhea. As God’s Word says, no toxic poison can harm us.

They will funnel toxic gases through your vents and pipes to try to make you sick.

They will prevent you from getting any sleep at all, by always having construction jack hammering all through the night by whatever apartment or house you move to, paying any neighboring families to cut their trees with chainsaws when you try to take a nap, have Korean come around to the hotel poolside to clap their hands whenever they notice you are about to go to sleep, pay the hotel clerk to come up to you to not sleep on the lobby sofa when they notice you are going to sleep, pay homeless people to come over to your place in the park to drag chairs around, sound their motorcycle engines, conduct pool lessons at 4:00 a.m. in the morning, pay youngsters to make noise outside your window, and do everything and anything to deprive you of even on minute of sleep. But, God will allow you to live without sleep.

As long as you are a Christian, they will poison you, shoot energy weapons at you from all the adjoining rooms and houses and buildings, burn your house down, kill all your family, destroy all your savings and stocks and precious metals, stop all your employments and kick you out of their companies. Their goal is to get you sick and make you homeless and torment you and make you commit suicide.

They will sneak into your parents’ homes, disguised as Illuminati local government sanctioned elderly care company social workers. They will try to microwave your family to death, so that they can steal all their savings and their house from them to pay for all the housekeeping services they provide. They will drive them around and help them, so that your parents feel they are their friends. They will use their Satanist Illuminati CIA MK Ultra mind-control on your parents to make them refuse to help you. They will mind-control and demon-possess your mother to try to kill you, and force you to send them your location. They will use your mother to find out your location from the postal office workers, and use all kinds of church pastors to spend all their time searching for your location, so that they can report your location to the social worker Illuminati Satanist CIA assassin. They will give keys to the social workers, so that they can come into their homes anytime, in order to bug your computers and mobile phones. The demon-possesses mothers will yell at you all day long to give up your faith in that wicked Jesus Christ and God YHWH, and give up all religion, but try to force you to bow to idols of ancestral worship altars and roadside Buddhist statues and relatives’ funeral ceremony ashes. The devil will use your fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters and family to try to kill you, and to believe that they are doing God a service by killing you. All your family and best friends will turn against you. Anyone who refuse to follow Christ in order to go back to bury their family is not worthy of Christ.

All your Christian friends will try to hand your location over to the Satanists, and kick you out so that you can be killed by the Satanists. Every single church and pastor will get afraid, and refuse to help you, or accuse you of being psychotic crazy, or try to hand you over to the Illuminati CIA and anti-terrorist organization Satanists. All your mind-controlled, demon-possessed Christian church member friends will believe the Illuminati spies that they always send into the church and befriend them and spread all kinds of rumors against you, and start accusing you of being evil or crazy, and they will disassociate with you. The FBI and police will all be ordered by the CIA and NSA and supervisors to not listen to your stories, and to ignore you.

All of these things and the gang-stalking are orchestrated by the Illuminati’s witches, and they have been doing the same thing for thousands of years against God’s children and prophets and apostles. In the Atlantis civilization during Noah’s times, they tried to kill God’s prophets who were sent to warn them to repent. The witches pray to their fallen angels, and the Nephilim aliens receive orders from their interdimensional fallen angel bosses to shoot at you and attack you using their demon-possessed Koreans and feminists and Satanists and freemasons and street gangs and mafia yakuza mobster gangsters and CIA hitmen assassins. If they fail to kill you, the demons return to the witches and kill them instead. If you find out who these witches are, the other witches will kill them, because the Illuminati believe in complete secrecy.

It does not make sense to move from hotel to hotel, beach to beach, park to park, and college campus to shopping mall, and nation to nation, because they will use whatever demon-possessed people to still attack you. They have GPS and other fallen angel advanced Atlantis alien technology to track you, even if you go to the Amazon jungles or to the arctic. No one will help you and no one can help you. Christian friends will just yell at you to love the Satanist Nephilim reptilian hybrid demon spirit people, and pray for them that they will get saved, and accuse you of not having love or not having any faith and they will accuse you of being crazy and order you to go to a Babylonian witchdoctor in the clinics and hospital psychiatric wards. We are dealing with religious Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit. Real born-again Spirit-filled Christians are very, very, very few, and you will probably not find any of them.

Therefore, understand brethren, that to love God is to be enemies with the world that loves Satan. Since the time you were born, you were enemies, and they knew that you are an enemy. We were born into a battlefield, and our Commander-In-Chief is our King of kings and Lord of lords Jesus Christ. Gang-stalking and persecution comes with being a child of God. The only person who can help you is Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven YHWH. Our weapons and our shield and our armor are mighty for they are spiritual and not physical, since we fight with reptilian hybrid Nephilim and clones who have infiltrated our society with fake holographic human images. They are the super soldiers and black-eyed children, and those dead Nephilim spirits of ancient times and modern times who have been resurrected into newly cloned humanoid bodies. Our homes and offices and schools and streets are filled with them, as hundreds of thousands of humans are abducted by Nephilim aliens and replaced with fake demonic clones.

Understand that gang-stalking and psychotronic weapons cannot be fought with physical weapons, but they must be fought with spiritual weapons of prayer and fasting and the Word of God. We have the authority of God to uproot nations and depose governments and bring down entire armies through prayer and our Lord Jesus. We can see visions, we can prophesize, we can spiritually kill witches as commanded in the Bible, we can cast out devils and demons, we can heal the sick, and we can pray armies to destruction and governments to annihilation and gang-stalkers to obliteration.

Even if you are invited into the penthouse suite of a friendly man who offers you a strange drink and try to start caress your chest by sticking their hands into your shirt, God will not allow them to sodomize you or poison you with sleeping drugs, because you are a child of God. The devil and his fallen angels and their Illuminati Satanists and government leaders are not allowed to harm us in any way. You will always see Polynesian and Native American Indian and other pagan native Illuminati Satanist guards blocking the hotel entrance so that you cannot leave, but you can just walk right past them, and they do not have the authority to touch you. In God’s timing, He will stop the gang-stalking. All real Christians are targeted individuals (T.I.s) by gang-stalking perpetrators (Perps).What happens to these gang-stalkers is that they get tagged by God when they gang stalk God’s people. God has tremendous wrath toward these gang-stalkers who are attacking His children. God protects His people, and returns the attack back upon the gang-stalkers and multiplies it many times more, so that the gang-stalking perpetrators will be utterly devastated. It would have been better for these gang-stalkers and the witches that control them to have tied millstones around their neck and jumped into the deepest waters for their level of torment will be unimaginable. It is only the religious Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit and are fake Christians who do not get gang-stalked by the enemy.

Most of the congress members and governors in the United States are CIA members that are salaried workers of the Central Intelligence Agency. The MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist homo-capensis cabal has a monopoly on the government. Anyone who does not expose this is a boneless coward, and a traitor to his nation and the human homo-sapiens race. If they want to shoot hearts and brains and eyes and kidneys with pinpoint strong EMP ELF weapons, use microwave oven weapons to cook us alive, use frequency scalar weapons, use acid poisons, use flesh-eating bacteria in our tap waters, destroy our savings and stocks and precious metal investments, deprive 24 hours of sleep every day, kill family, burn homes, slander to all our friends as the so-called fake CIA and DHS, cut off all employers and income, have witches use psychic satellite weapons against our genitals all day long, track us with unmanned CIA drones and F-15 fighter jets, follow us with dozens of black-tinted window trucks every day, send hundreds and hundreds of Nazi gang-stalkers to shoot us with EMP mobile phones, then I say let them come with everything they can muster against me. Bring it on—I welcome a brawl with the devil and his entire Draco reptilian nephilim alien armada fleet! Our God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ is greater that than all those things, and just like Pharaoh’s army, He will strike back at them and utterly destroy them. Let them kill our families! Do they really believe we real born-again Spirit-filled Christians care if they even kill all our children and wives and parents? How ridiculous! We are not like the fake religious Christians. They insult us by putting us in the same category. Who do these uncircumcised scumbags think they are? I come in the name of our God YHWH and Jesus! All real Christians are being attacked by these Freemason Satanists, and the scars are our medals to show, but God will arise and take revenge upon them.

The religious Christians are having a fun time partying and making money and breeding genetic descendants by hunting for marriage partners in the churches and saving up for retirement, but they will soon be tortured and martyred. They love their Jezebel Queen of Heaven idols and their women’s equality, and they love their husband’s nice pastoral salaries, and they love their donuts coffee social clubs in church on Satan’s Osiris worship Sundays, and they love their Christian rock concert Satan worship rituals, and they love wearing men’s trousers and refusing to wear women’s head coverings. This is the condition of the lukewarm End Times Laodicea Western Christianity. Soon, these lukewarm religious Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit will be left behind during the rapture of God’s Church Saints and Bride of Christ, and the lukewarm Tribulation Saints will have a choice of either accepting the Anti-Christ’s “Mark of the Beast 666” microchip implant under their skin which will change them from humans into Nephilim demons, or to refuse to take the “Mark of the Beast 666” microchip implant and have their heads cut off in the Anti-Christ’s Neo-Nazi NWO FEMA Muslim concentration mass execution camps. These Tribulation Age Saints will be arrested, captured, tortured, and slaughtered in great numbers.

However, you the 144,000 Hebrew Remnant cannot be harmed by the devil or his Illuminati Satanists, because you have the Holy Spirit, just like we do, and you will be raptured out by Christ before the last three and a half years of the 70th Week of Daniel, which is called the Great Tribulation. Tell the rest of Israel who do not believe in YHWH our God to escape to the mountains of Petra in Jordan, when they see the Anti-Christ set up his abomination of desolation in the Holy-of-Holies in the Temple in Jerusalem. The Anti-Christ’s army will come after them, but God will open up the ground and swallow up their army, just as He swallowed up Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea during ancient times. At that time, Michael the chief prince will rise up to fight for God’s people. There, God will shelter them, until they cry out to Jesus as their Savior Yeshua Ha’Mashiach at Armageddon when the armies of the world turn against them, and at the Second-Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ when He shall destroy the armies of the world. Praise be to our Lord God Almighty and our Lord Jesus Christ forevermore! May the Lord keep you all of your ways, lead you in His straight path, and may He bring you to teach the true and entire Torah Truth which is God’s everlasting Word—our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sex And Marriage And Masturbation セックスと結婚とオナニー

Dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant brethren,

Greetings from God our Father in Heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sex is not evil as the Illuminati Christian religious leaders of Satan want people to believe. If they preach sexual abstinence and Puritan doctrines, it appeals to the prideful hearts of the religious people. This makes the pastors look like there are ethical teachers. This is a lie. Sex and sexual drive have been given by God. It is not sin to look upon naked bodies or to read romantic books to release sexual energy. It is not sin to look upon images of nakedness or imagine sex to release one’s sexual drive, but it is sin to look upon photos or videos of people fornicating or having perverted, ungodly sexual acts. One does not look at a table or a monkey or a tree to release sexual drive, or that person would be a pervert. It is alright as long as that person respects God’s human creation with appreciation and honor. The reason why a lot of these religious ministers commit sexual sins is because they hold back their sexual drive release through Puritan religious laws and deprivation of the normal body’s function. This is why Satan designed religions. This is why masturbation is right, because it releases the sexual drive. Satan and his religious Christian pastors order people to hold back their sexual release, so this is why they lose control and these pastors and church members commit adultery and conduct sexual sins. They are more prone to temptation. It is not right for these depraved people to go around having sex with many people, treating them as if they are tools to satisfy one’s own purpose.

Sex in marriage is fine, although only as a final solution to not sin for very weak and flesh-oriented believers. However, it is hard for someone filled by the Holy Spirit and a real born-again Christian to even contemplate marriage, because it is of the flesh and not of the spirit, and a true child of God would want to spend his or her time devoted to the things of God and the spirit and the eternal brethren. All institutions and churches are owned by the Illuminati Satanists, and that is why their religious Christian pastors all encourage their members to marry, so that they will not go into the world to do God’s work, they will be stuck in one place, they will be busy with their spouse and child-rearing, they will stay in church and pay money to their Illuminati institution, and be ineffective for Christ. It is alright for non-believers to marry and multiply in numbers for that is the foundation of society. Religious people should not forbid marriage.

One who is filled by the Holy Spirit would not feel any sexual attraction to brothers and sisters in Christ, even if they were naked, because they are spiritual family members. It is a sin to lust after a person, and lust is defined as a stalking, perverted, sexually obsessed mind and heart that is transfixed upon that certain person. Satan and his religious Christian leaders have made lust to be defined as any natural godly sexual drive. Lust is not from God, but that kind of affixed obsession is perverted and evil. It is not right for a married person to look upon another person with lust or with sexual desire, because that would be adultery. Adultery and fornication are sins.

It is not sin to marry and marriage is not prohibited. If one is too weak spiritually and will sin, they are allowed to marry. However, if you are already that spiritually weak, then you will probably be vulnerable to adultery even after marriage, too.

Why would anyone sane want to marry and spend their life attending to the responsibilities to a spouse, when one could spend that time, money and labor for God and His work? You are virgins, because you are set apart for Christ and all good work through Him. Do not be like the religious Christian heathens and pagans who preoccupy their entire lives with marriage and reproduction of fleshly children. Instead, seek to edify God’s spiritual children, and stay single to invest in God’s kingdom.

We are not like the religious, carnal, lukewarm Christians who pursue their animalistic, fleshly instincts of frantically hunting for mates in churches, and breeding genetic descendants. Especially in these End Times, there is no time to be occupied with the things that these pagans and heathens are obsessed with. The pagan reptilian hybrid nephilim of the Illuminati are obsessed with breeding genetic descendants and with bloodlines an families and erotic male-female love and filial family love. They have no concern for agape unconditional godly love that loves the enemy. It is because they are base and depraved.

These street gang and mafia mentality of the reptilians is one of over protectiveness of family and their gang bond. This is why the homosexual genetic marker reptilian nephilim descendants of the Illuminati form their Yale University Skull and Bones Societies and Freemason secret societies and U.S. military general homosexual satanic ritual brotherhood clubs. Nothing has changed from their Atlantis and Sodom / Gomorrah civilizations. However, they will easily kill their wives or betray their children or steal from their families for their own benefit. They are hypocrites.

They will easily show hostility to strangers (especially other males) who do not share their genes, in order to boast about how they love and protect their families, because they are more animalistic than human. This is why the Illuminati Satanist religious Christian pastors are always praising their wives in front of their church congregations and showing how family-oriented they are, in order to gain their popularity and admiration. They are effeminate men, just like Ahab, who submit to their Jezebel wives and their Jezebel church congregations. The church is built on their Illuminati democracy, so the church congregation hires and fires these ministers based on their popularity and Illuminati academic institution degrees. This is why these minister only preach what the crowd wants to listen and not the Torah Truth that will offend the church members.

In a satanic society, the women rule and the women judge who will be their religious leader. This is why the religious pastors always reprimand the husbands in their sermons, but praise the wives on how women are smarter and more sensitive and superior humans. These effeminate, macho talking religious leaders are a spiritually putrid stench to God, because they do not honor the order of God’s creation and they are controlled by evil spirits and doctrines of Jezebel Satanism.

The genetic descendants of these religious Christians will be destroyed during the coming judgment and wrath of God, which they have spent their entire lives raising and nurturing. The Illuminati’s religious ministers want their church members to spend their lives raising families and being stuck in one place with their jobs, so that they cannot go into all the world to make disciples of all men and nations.

However, you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant virgins who have been set apart for God will go into the world to bring the Tribulation Saints to God, just like the Church Saints or Bride of Christ who have set themselves apart for Christ as a holy virgin unto Him. Do not be rules minded or religious or animalistic instinct as these religious Christians are, but know things by the Holy Spirit. When you decide to love God and follow Christ, you will receive all kinds of illness so that you will be free from the lust of the flesh, and you will lose all income and belongings and homes and family so that you will be free from the lust of the eyes, and you will be gang-stalked by thousands of assassins and Illuminati Satanists and reptilian hybrid alien clones so that you will be free from the pride of life, but it is so that you will have health in your Healer God and faith in your Provider God and be humble enough to be used by your Faithful God. The religious Christians will be too scared and unloving so that they will not pick up the cross and follow Christ, and they will want to continue in their routine, safe, fun, normal religious lives, but you will joyfully pick up the cross and follow Christ because you love Him and you have been chosen by Him. Religion is from Satan, but a personal relationship with Christ comes from God. May you be filled by His Holy Spirit and be used to do all good works through Him who is our King and Savior.

The 144,000 Hebrew Remnant 144,000人のヘブライの末裔

Dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant brethren,

Greetings from our Father in Heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ.

You need to know who you are in Christ our Savior, dear brethren. You are the 144,000 (12,000 from each tribe of Israel) who will receive Christ as your Savior and Lord after we the Church Saints (Bride of Christ) are raptured into heaven before the Anti-Christ makes himself known on this earth.

You will be anointed and filled by the Holy Spirit, and will go throughout the world making disciples from all nations to Christ. Since you have God’s seal upon you, no harm will come upon you. The Anti-Christ will have no power over you, unlike the Tribulation Saints who will be saved during the last seven year tribulation age after the signing of the treaty between Israel and Palestine, and will be martyred by the Anti-Christ. You are the special operations force of our Lord who will lead the people back to God’s Torah Truth and His precepts, and lead them away from the false doctrines of Christianity that Satan has filled the churches with. Multitudes will come to the Lord, at that time.

After your mission is accomplished upon this earth, you will be raptured into heaven by our Lord before the last three and a half years of the Tribulation Age (The Great Tribulation period), when God’s judgment and wrath will be poured out upon the earth-dwellers who refuse to repent and who have become Nephilim., and after the Anti-Christ sets up his Abomination of Desolation in the Temple, three and a half years into the last 70th Week of Daniel that is prophesied.

You are currently dispersed throughout the world, but our Lord Jesus Christ will call you to Him and His purpose set for you before the time of the Creation itself. Not all those who call themselves God’s people are His people, and not all those who call themselves Israel are Israel. You are the true descendants of the Israelites.

The Lord guide you as He led our forefathers, and His glory shine upon you. Be filled with His Spirit and wisdom and power. Our Lord Jesus Christ be praised forevermore!